On the powerlessness of Death: A farewell to Ibrahim Shuaibu by Khalid Imam

  Since no one died twice or comeback to life after being buried, one is compelled to ask: does it really matter to grieve over the death of a loved one(s) or simply mourn the dead especially a bosom buddy whose scent of friendship would last for a lifetime as if to expose the powerlessness […]

A Cursory Look At Muhsin’s Unveiling of Kannywood by Ibrahim Musa

  It’s difficult to do a book review when it is particularly written outside one’s mainstream area of competence. Therefore, this is not a book review. I am more comfortable calling it an attempt at disentangling some knots. I only intend to add on the debate Muhsin’s latest book on Kannywood is poised to generate. […]

Northern Nigeria Today by Isa Sanusi

  1. In the north-east an insurgency is still going on, after claiming over 30,000 lives since 2009. This conflict displaced over 2 million people; as many as 1.2 million of them scattered in squalid Internally Displaced Persons camp. 2. Over 3000 people have been killed across Zamfara state over 3-years. Over 400 people were […]

It is not all about mining, please by Moukhtar Lugga

Sometimes one can’t help but marvel at the strong imaginative tendency of the average Nigerian. Often times it doesn’t matter that the facts have spoken for themselves, there’s always the likelyhood for completely divergent opinions put forward by people with little or no knowledge of the situation at hand. Sensationalism is after all a part […]

Important Lessons From IG Wala’s Imprisonment by Na’Allah Mohammed Zagga

  Whether you are an activist, journalist or a social media blogger, you enjoy the same right as other fellow citizens. Journalists are particularly taught about the law of defamation because what we write can and may affect the reputations of others. In the eyes of the law, it’s insignificant whether you know about defamation […]


  A courtier approached the Powerful Khalip Muawuya Bin Abu Sufyan Bin Harb, while He was holding court in his magnificent Darul Imarah (Government House) in Damascus and announced the arrival of a guest. The Affluent Khalif scrambled to his feet and hurried to the gates to welcome the Guest. His young child Yazid, who […]

Kannywood and its Unending Scandals (I) by Muhsin Ibrahim

My book, Kannywood: Unveiling the Overlooked Hausa Film Industry, released early this week, was purposely titled so. For some socio-cultural and religious related reasons, many people that would ideally care about the embattled film industry snub it. Thus, Kannywood survives mainly in obscurity. Conversely, the recent scandals involving the famous actress, Hadiza Gabon and her colleague, […]

J’ai Treize Frères et Quatre Soeurs by Musab Isa Mafara

  In my French class yesterday, the teacher asked each student to formulate a sentence in French informing the class of the number of brothers and sisters that they have in their respective families. I responded with the title of this write up, which means ‘I have 13 brothers and 4 sisters.’ The teacher, now […]

Like Atiku, Like Shugaba Darman by Turaki Hassan

  On January 24, 1980, in the heydays of the administration of the defunct National Party of Nigeria (NPN), Nigerian immigration officers, acting on an order from the then Minister of Internal Affairs Bello Maitama, arrested and summarily deported the Borno State (Borno+Yobe then) House of Assembly Majority Leader, Alhaji Abdurahman Shugaba Darman to Chad […]

Kadaria Ahmed, irresponsibility and the future

  For a state known to be notorious in the act of producing irresponsible leaders, Kadaria Ahmed coming from Zamfara state is a blessing the reasonable ones among us must give gratitude to God for giving us. She earned a name in the media industry not for news casting or writing but for those eyes […]

Loose notes for Baba Buhari

Let us hear from President Buhari first: “How can I be happy and indifferent to the senseless killings of my fellow citizens by bandits? I am human and I understand the pains of the victims and their families who have been traumatized and impoverished by constant ransom demands by bandits. Almost every week, I summon […]

How democracy works by Marzuq Abubakar Ungogo

  Democracy is about partnership rooted in mutual benefit and respect. It is a partnership in the sense that the voters and the voted usually have their terms and are to a large extent “equal”. It is mutual in the sense that both the voters and the voted incur benefits, with the voted given opportunity […]

Wamakko’s bizzare response to defeat By Abu Shekara

A drowning man grasps at straw. That is what the leader of the APC in Sokoto state, Senator Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko, is doing exactly: groping in the dark and depth of defeat and rude rejection by the people of Sokoto state. After losing twice in two governorship elections in two weeks that his party deployed […]

Buhari does not give a damn by Ibrahiym A. El- Caleel

Buhari doesn’t give a damn about all these killings in Zamfara. The sooner you understand this, the more peaceful your Facebook life becomes. Jacinda of New Zealand that gives a damn about killings in her own country, as a Prime Minister, she spent significant amount of time to talk about the #ChristChurch attacks. She grieved […]

The real Zamfara tragedy by Jalaludeen Maradun

The incessant killing and kidnapping of innocent citizens, especially in Zamfara, no longer shock anyone. This was Shinkafi where 9 were recently killed by insurgents. Sad news of this heartlessness comes almost on daily basis. This is the life we live in Zamfara where no one is safe and no one cares about our safety. […]

INSECURITY IN NIGERIA: The entrepreneurs and the victims by Hassan Male Kankara

INSECURITY IN NIGERIA: THE ENTREPRENEURS AND THE VVIC The term ‘insecurity’ has been subjected to different interpretations by different scholars. The multi faceted term can be defined as the presence of any real tension, discord, instability and confrontation. It may be referred as onslaught meted out on individual, a group or society. The menace of […]

RE:Still on Zamfara:Governor Yari and his new plan by Ibrahim Dosara

  As the present era been an enabling opportunity for showcasing news that are reliable and newsworthy for the common good of the common man, still some unpatriotic elements misuse the opportunity and yet resort to writing fake news, baseless allegations and fictitious lies meant to mislead the general public on the personality of His […]

On kidnapping and the future by Muhsin Ibrahim

Kidnapping is now a disaster in Nigeria. Bluntly speaking, the end of this catastrophe is not in sight for several reasons. These include high rate of unemployment, undocumentated citizens and non-citizens, ineffective security architecture, among others. It’s popularly said that an idle brain is the devil’s workshop. Nobody will remain unemployed and fail to devise […]


  The axiom : ” Ideas flow naturally”, is just accurate. As a journalist who was trained to be inquisitive, i pondered deep inside me to find out the strongest weapon that can kill a nation. I received revelations upon revelations as regard to the answer to my question. Finally, i arrived at the solution […]